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Lightweight Bamboo Watch

We all like to get lost and have fun doing so, right?! Now you can get lost but still keep track of time so you know when it's time to find your way back home again!

We always strive for simplicity and quality in all of our products. That's why we have chosen a plain watch with durable and comfortable material. Since we as a company strive to live a healthy outdoor life, we have chosen for a wooden watch which is made of natural bamboo and comes in an eco-friendly wooden box as well. 


    1. Super Light Weight; The dial is made out of durable and comfortable Bamboo material and 100% genuine leather is used for the band. 

    2. Handmade; Using Natural bamboo and no paint (Non-toxic Hypo-allergenic). The bamboo is real and it is well polished. Handcrafted with ancient Asian sustainable wood.

    3. Eco-Friendly Packaging; Carefully prepared & packaged in a eco-friendly paper box.

    4. Sizing; Band Length: 24cm. Band Width: 20mm. Dial Diameter: 42mm.

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    Customer Reviews

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    David M.

    simple, beautiful and very light.