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July 06, 2018

You’ve been hitting the slopes all winter, you’re absolutely loving it and suddenly…. The snow melts away day by day..

Whether you’re an ski-instructor, professional skier or a ‘hobby skier’, you probably are trying to figure out how on earth you’re going to make it until next winter right?!

Let us help you fill in the blank spaces in your summer and/or help you prepare for next winter!


  • Get the best of both worlds

The world is HUGE, (huge enough to get lost for sure :D) we all know that. Luckily that leaves us with some countries that plunge into winter as we in Europe/America enter into summer. Some examples where season typically starts mid-June are New Zealand, Australia, Argentina and Chile. This also means that if you’re a ski-instructor these countries are looking for instructors since the European/American season has ended!


  • Prepare for next season

During offseason there are multiple ways you can prepare for next season. Just a few examples are starting a good workout routine, maintain a healthy diet, care for your equipment, go indoor skiing, practice your freestyle skills on a trampoline and so on..


Most examples you have to do on your own and we cannot guide you in a certain way, indoor skiing for instance. But, for some examples we actually can! We can provide some information about good workouts for skiing and/or health tips in general and about your ‘diet’. NOTE: We don’t claim to be health and/or fitness professionals, but we just like to share our thoughts, opinions and experiences with you. For some it’ll help and for others it won’t.


  • What kind of fitness is needed as a skier?

An important factor during skiing/snowboarding is your stamina (the same kind of energy needed as for long distance running) if you want to last a whole day, week or maybe even longer. The most effective kind of training is a combination of high-intensity training and long durance efforts. Therefore, walking, running, swimming, cycling are all good and enjoyable outdoor exercises that might help your body prepare for next season. Just remember that the key to training for skiing is to maintain a high heart rate and you’re good to go!


As Alltracks Academy mentions: ‘skiing is like a series of short sprints, so train like it’.


  • What kind of nutrition is needed as a skier?

The first thing that is super important is to take enough water with you up on the slopes as dehydration can affect your balance. Next to drinking enough water, carbohydrates are your friend on an intense skiing day since they’ll provide energy to your body. You’ll need snacks to keep your energy level up and a good breakfast to prepare for an energy consuming day!


We hope this gave you some inspiration to get the best out of yourself and make sure the fittest and most prepared version of yourself will show up at the beginning of next season!!

If you like this kind of blogs please leave a comment with some topics you would like us to go more in-depth on. 

Thank you for making it until the end and have a great day!


Main source used: https://www.alltracksacademy.com

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